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Natural Creations was founded by E. Casey Castillo. After serving in the U.S. Air Force for four years, Casey entered civilian life and began working for various pool builders, learning basic pool construction. It wasn’t long before he sought ways to infuse his construction work with creativity. He was fortunate to meet Julian George, a Disney set designer who taught him how to sculpt realistic-looking rocks, trees and lagoons out of cement. 

Soon Casey was designing exotic swimming pools for resorts, animal exhibits at zoos and theme parks such as Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. In 1989, he established Natural Creations Custom Pools & Spas to focus on building exceptional residential pools and settled with his wife Amy in Seattle, Washington.



Meet the Team

Casey Castillo

Owner and Designer

Jose Perez

Concrete & Pump Specialist

Sean Ontiveros

Construction Supervisor

Storee Engelhardt

Project Manager


Pool & Spa Construction Crew


Pool & Spa Construction Crew


Pool & Spa Construction Crew


Pool & Spa Construction Crew


Pool & Spa Construction Crew


Pool & Spa Construction Crew


Pool & Spa Construction Crew


Pool & Spa Service Team


Pool & Spa Service Team

We intend to keep our cutting edge in artistic construction and continue raising the bar in residential pool design. 

- Casey Castillo

Family Owned & Operated

Today, Natural Creations remains a family business with Casey at the helm. Casey’s son Julian (named after Casey’s mentor Julian George) and daughter Storee as well as various uncles, cousins and family friends all work in the business. 

Everyone in the company upholds Casey’s high standards and shares his passion for delighting their customers. Their crew consists of highly trained craftsmen. They are artisans, and cement is their medium, allowing them to create all kinds of looks and finishes. They’re continually exploring the latest techniques in coloring, staining and texturing cement.

“We have always been pioneers in the custom pool industry,” explains Casey. “We  intend to keep our cutting edge in artistic construction and continue raising the bar in residential pool design.”

Custom Pools

Let us design and build a one-of-a-kind pool for you with every detail customized to your preferences. Our pools are show-stoppers, designed to offer years of enjoyment while also increasing the value of your home.

Custom Spas

Take pleasure in all the therapeutic and restorative value of hydrotherapy with a custom in-ground spa designed to match the style of your home. Choose from numerous luxurious options and features to create the ultimate relaxing retreat.

Pool Renovation

Transform your tired old pool into a modern masterpiece you can be proud of. We can change the design, resurface the interior, add features and automate your equipment to give your pool a beautiful new lease on life.


What our customers say

Natural Creations Pools and their crew that remodeled my pool were on time, professional, friendly, helpful and I know I chose the right contractor for my remodeled swimming pool, patio and yard. It is amazing, I get so many compliments from neighbors, friends and family all wanting to come over for a BBQ and enjoy swimming, relaxing and sharing stories. I would recommend Casey for any job you may want done. If you have ever watched Television home improvement shows on swim pool remodels from this company if Florida, Casey is our local NW contractor equivalent and is just as creative. Hence the name Natural Creations! I highly recommend NC Pools and Casey.

Kirkland, WA

Natural Creations Pools can bring cold concrete alive with character and beauty! There work is phenomenal and all your friends will be jealous.

Justin A
Auburn, WA

They knew what they were doing. No pressure. Polite friendly and very good pricing.

Vickie P
Renton, WA
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