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Casey Castillo’s History

E. Casey Castillo moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1970 with his family. He attended high school and worked for the family business (E.M. Castillo Construction) that specialized in precision concrete, water treatment facilities, fish hatcheries and water reservoirs.

In 1985 after serving four years in the Air Force, Casey went in search of pool companies that specialized in Gunite pools with Travertine tile and learned to build pools and patios for Sunset and Blue Haven Pools (two of the largest of the 70’s to the present). After learning basic pool construction, Casey knew he wanted to pursue this career, and seek employment with different pool companies that offered unique and complex waterways and lagoons in California. Casey packed his bags and went in search of a man named Julian George. Julian was known for his design and building of elaborate hotel pools with large complex waterfalls and intricate pool construction.

Casey mentored with Julian George who was an original Disney set designer specializing in artificial rock formations in various forms. Julian enjoyed Casey’s thirst for knowledge in a construction art form that allows his love for concrete form and function capacities. He learned to make latex molds of boulder tops only to then learn to spray layers of concrete and fiberglass into the molds for future rock creations Julian was designing and building. After working in Southern California with Julian George for a year and half, Julian asked Casey to go supervise the artistic intent of a large condominium complex swimming pool in Florida. Julian George entrusted Casey to represent his designs and construction applications of many cement design mixes used to sculpture rocks and trees in cement. After spending a little over a two years mentoring with Julian George, Casey went in search of a company that Julian recommended that he once worked for in the zoo exhibit design and construction business (David L. Manwarren).

Julian had been friends with David’s father, Frank Manwarren, and together they inspired David Manwarren to seek construction in the artistic world of artificial rock phases of construction. David grew up with his father designing and building zoo exhibits and exotic swimming pools and resorts. Casey called David in 1986 and explained that Julian recommended him as a texture artist that had mentored with him for two years.

David hired Casey and sent him an airline ticket and sent him to Indianapolis, Indiana to help construct twelve zoo exhibits in the Indianapolis Waters Building. This was a new form of creating with cement, epoxies, silicon corals and Mangrove trees to build. Casey learned to build large coral reef formations with silicon; flexible corals embedded in the coral mass they had created down the hall in the next exhibit. There was an amazon forest with concrete mud bank walls with artificial Banyan trees made from teams of artisans skilled in reconstruction of realistic trees structures and shapes and sizes. Casey learned many techniques with the David L. Manwarren Company that is still busy in the zoo construction business to this day. Casey traveled to many zoo locations for the company, twelve in all. It is there that Casey knew that he wanted to create specialty pools if he ever started his own business.

Casey wasn’t done seeking out new companies. In Indianapolis, Casey met and fell in love with the love of his life (his wife, Amy, of twenty six years). He asked her “If you could live and go anywhere in the world, knowing he could find work in exotic places like Hong Kong, Euro Disney, Bahamas and Hawaii. She chose Hawaii. Casey made phone calls and made plans to interview for the artistic director for a swimming pool company that specialized in lagoon pools and zoo exhibit design construction. Casey and his new bride moved to Honolulu. Casey supervised the construction of the Savanna Exhibit and Honolulu Zoo and traveled the islands designing and building exotic swimming pools for resort hotels and exotic homes. Casey and Amy’s first child was born in Hawaii. A year and half later, Casey was offered a prestigious job with Anheuser Busch in Tampa Florida at Busch Gardens Zoo and Theme Park. In 1989 Casey incorporated Natural Creations (NC) and the Anheuser Busch project was his first contract. He was now his own company. He supervised the design scale model of a ninety foot tall mountain that houses gorillas, chimpanzees and alligators. The project went well and after a year and half, the project was completed.

Casey and Amy decide it was time to move his business to Seattle, Washington. Casey joined his father’s construction company for a brief year as he was awaiting a large swimming pool request from a Seattle architect named John Paul Jones of Jones and Jones Architects. John Paul asked Casey to help build his vision of a woodland pool in Leavenworth, Washington for Harriet Bullitt at the Sleeping Lady Resort. This was Casey’s first job Natural Creations contracted in Washington. The job was $309,000 in 1994. Casey had to hire experts to dynamite into the hillside five times so he could create the pool vessel in solid granite. Casey was asked to make molds of boulders on the Icicle River just up from the Sleeping Lady. He was given access through the Parks Department to make molds on the banks of the river walls and the spectacular river washed boulder tops Harriet and Casey found to their liking. Casey had special shotcrete equipment and all the skills to take the molds from the river and set the molds up to shoot one inch of cement into the molds. Casey and his team cast rebar anchors into the wet cement so that when the cement hardened, he could attach the panels to the pool walls. The pool and spa are joined by a waterfall and can be enjoyed to this day. Harriet Bullitt was a very inspiring philanthropist that brought out the talents in all she blessed with her presence. When the snow began to fall, Natural Creations couldn’t work on the pool, so Harriet suggested we go look at an old building she thought might be a good location to have a wine and grotto bar. She just didn’t want Casey and his team to leave and go back to Seattle, and get interested in another fascinating project. She wanted Casey and his talent team of artisans to turn the room into a grotto bar. She gave Casey the artistic license to design the interior. Harriet and Casey walked into what was a rectangular room with a solid concrete floor. Casey’s first thought was to saw cut the concrete floor to lower one third of the room by three feet. She loved the idea and the team spent the entire winter creating the grotto bar with the rock panels Casey and his team had created. The Grotto Bar is entertaining guests to this day. Casey completed the Sleeping Lady Woodland Pool project and went back to Seattle to design and build many more exciting projects.

It was always a dream of Casey’s to have a warehouse that produced artificial rocks, fountains and boulder top landscape rocks. He spent two years buying unique boulders and columns from various stone yards. Casey made many molds and began to show his precast products to all the local nurseries and garden centers. All the while he maintained his crew of craftsmen in the construction field as he also maintained the precast employees, reproducing Casey’s garden items in precast concrete. The precast business began to grow rapidly. It wasn’t long before Natural Creations had their precast products in over 150 stores. The company attended garden center trade shows with their precast waterfall kits and fountains. Costco called and asked that Natural Creations bring any and all samples to their headquarters. The company loaded our distribution truck with all our precast creations. In 1999??? Costco began showing our precast bench rock boulders and landscape boulders in their home stores in Southern California. The home stores were phased out by Costco and it wasn’t long before the internet was formed. Costco came back to NC and asked the company to sell our waterfall kits and fountains online. NC sold online to Costco for ??? years. NC recently stopped shipping to Costco as shipping costs were prohibitive across country. Natural Creations still produces their precast products for long standing accounts.


Casey has been focusing on developing a talented group of craftsmen and artisans.  Casey’s son Julian, named after Casey’s mentor Julian George, is now a very skilled artisan in the family business.  Julian is taking the company in a new and exciting direction.  Natural Creations is proud to announce that the company is offering pool service to all pool design and construction clients.

Casey’s new focus is bringing in his son into the service and pool maintenance of all the pools NC designs and builds.  NC’s customers for years have asked us to maintain their waterfall and pool features.  NC now offers a pool service maintenance contract with every pool the company builds.  Casey and his team of craftsmen do many different projects outside of pool construction.  It has always been Casey’s passion to design custom swimming pools that utilize the creative techniques of form and function in his pool designs that will be sure to unite friends and family.  Thirty one years of concrete design and construction have given Casey many ways of looking at how NC pools can create a more unique pool environment in the same budgets of traditional waterline pools that our competitors offer.

Casey’s crew of Craftsmen and Artisians

Our employees have been formally trained in many different aspects of artistic construction…from patios, cement pouring many kinds of looks and finishes.  They have attended many classes held by industry leaders in artistic cement products.  We strive to learn and know all the latest techniques of current technology advancing in color cement, texturing cement and staining cement.  Our continued thirst for knowledge has our team participating in seminars in how to create puzzle stone walls and English stone walls all by techniques we have paid to have been taught by leading sculptures teaching the latest in rock sculpting techniques.  NC was at the forefront thirty years ago with learning artificial rock techniques.  We feel it is important to be current with all the new upcoming seminars and industry knowledge, along with all classes available to our team of NC craftsmen.  We choose to be well informed in our schooling and updated techniques.  We are a pioneer in the industry and very much intend to keep our cutting edge of what is on the horizon in the concrete world of artistic construction.

Casey’s view on designing a pool

It has always been Casey’s passion to design and build custom swimming pools. When he moved back to Seattle to start his own swimming pool company, he thought it would best if he worked with a swimming pool company in Seattle to learn the ins and outs of the Seattle pool market. Casey went to work for the largest pool builder in the state, which is still in business. After working for them for two years and learning from the best, all the while Casey still maintains his precast business as he took a pay cut to work for the big pool company. In the two years he worked for them, he learned all the pool prices, options and how pool companies design/sell and market themselves.

After leaving that pool company, Casey was asked by Jones and Jones architects to design and build the Sleeping Lady Retreat and Conference Center swimming pool in Leavenworth, Washington. Casey went onto this pool project, and since then specializes in pool design and construction.

Base Prices of a Pool – What is included?

Here is how pool prices are determined. Every pool contractor has a base price for a pool. It is based on the square footage of water surface. A typical pool is 375-800 square feet. For example, 20’ x 40’ equals 800 square feet or 120 linear perimeter feet. Another example is 15’ x 25’ equals 375 square feet or 80 linear perimeter feet. Here are the components included in NC Pools base price for a pool.

Chlorination System:

As your contractor, we must sell you a chlorination (sanitization) system which is often an in-line chlorinator. This is a swimming pool chemical feeder designed to hold eleven large chlorine tablets. This treats pools from 6,500 to 27,000 gallons of water.

Circulation Pump:

All pools need a pump to suck water from two main drains in the floor of a pool, as well as suck water from the wall skimmer. The circulation pump is typically one horsepower or one and a half horsepower Pentair Whisperflo pump. The circulation pump is important in the functioning of the pool vessel. It pulls water from the floor of the pool as well as from the skimmer at water level. There is a waste basket in the skimmer throat. This basket traps leaves and top surface debris. The circulation pump also returns the heated and filtered water back to the pool. The wall returns are 4 to 6 one and half inch schedule 40 PVC pipe that is 12”-18” below water level. There is a directional eyeball fitting reduced to ¾”. This ensures the pressure and helps move water in the direction of the wall skimmer. There are typically four to six of these fittings approximately 12”-18” below water level using the adjustable eyeball fittings. The eyeball fittings are designed to be adjusted so they can push water down the pool walls and into the wall skimmer. It is important to have good pool circulation.

Cartridge Filter:

The cartridge filter is based on square footage. This is to help pool water stay clean and clear. The water is forced through a filter medium, most commonly sand or cartridge where the particles are trapped and the filtered water returned to the pool. Filters do not remove alga, nor do they remove bacteria – that is what chlorine is for.

Pool Heater:

A typical pool heater is natural gas in various sizes. They range from 100,000 BTU to 400,000 BTU. NC sizes heaters to fit square footage of pools. NC pools offers natural gas, electric, propane and heat pumps. The base price includes natural gas. All other heater types are subject to additional cost.

Pool Light and Nitch Housing:

The pool light ???????


Traditional waterline tile pools typically use white marble dust, also known as white coat, is an old process of finishing many pool structures. Used underwater, it provides a superior seal as compared to the more porous gunite or shotcrete. Under ideal conditions, plaster finishes provide 10-15 years of service. However, the Pacific Northwest is not ideal conditions with its freeze and thaw and extreme heat changes. Typically white plaster will degrade slowly, eventually requiring a fresh coat or renovation.

Natural Creations Pools prefers to use quartz pebble plaster — a beautiful alternative to marble dust plaster (marcite).  Quartz combines enriched Portland cement and colorful ceramic-coated quartz aggregates which can be used in all types of pools (residential and commercial) with a variety of sizes and pigments.  Quartz provides limitless options for a one of kind finish and is available in 16 distinctive colors.  The benefits of quartz are:

  • Proven durability
  • Scratch and stain resistance
  • Lower maintenance
  • Light texture
  • Easy to wet-polish to a smooth finish.

Standard on all carved rock pools, NC Pools offers KrystalKrete Quartz pebble plaster in “blue pepper.” Natural Creations designs pools with the best sustainable products. One and done! No need to re-plaster and quartz pool finish. One and done! Imagine, no call backs to your pool company in 6-8 years to fix your rough and discolored white marbled plaster (marcite).

So……the choice is yours: Do you want the cheaper white marcite plaster or NC Pools preferred quartz pebble plaster? So regardless of who your contractor is, ask them, “Does your bid include quartz plaster?”

Vessel Construction:

NC Pools will design and create a layout, supervise excavation, form the pool perimeter, install structural rebar per engineered pool plan, plumb entire vessel to equipment pad with all pipes holding 10 psi pressure. NC Pools will shotcrete the vessel after the pool has passed all required building department inspections. The shotcrete will be air-placed shotcrete with a 60/40 sand, pearock and 7.5 sack ready mix cement. The vessel walls will be 8” thick and the floors will be 6” thick. Additionally, a set of three steps in one corner of the pool are included.

NC Pools can create any shape of pool or spa that you like using our gunite process. The shape does not change the price. Pricing is based on the size of the perimeter footage. See examples below.

NC Pools base price starts at $65,000 for a 15’ X 25’ (375 sq ft of water surface or 80 linear perimeter feet) traditional (rectangle) or free-form pool with a shallow end depth of 3.5’ to a deep end depth of 5’.

A pool 16’ X 36’ (576 sq ft of water surface or 104 linear perimeter feet) with a shallow end depth of 3.5’ to a deep end depth of 6’ has a base price of $75,000.

A pool 20’ X 40’ (800 sq ft water surface or 120 linear perimeter feet) with a shallow end depth of 3.5 to a deep end depth of 6’ has a base price of $80,000.

All NC’s pools come with 3 granite steps in one corner of the pool. These 3 steps will be 2’, 3’ and 4’ wide with a 1’ tread. Clients can substitute 3 plastic wall insert steps with figure 4 stainless steel grab rails. NC Pools wants to provide a safe exit for our customers. So we provide one exit per base price pool.

Additional Options


Additional Depth:

If owner request additional depth, they pay additional trucking costs of dirt, rebar and labor. It increases the labor time to form the rebar to meet engineered requirements. The additional shelf square foot cost is $1,200 – additional rebar/labor.

Deep end depth affects the pool engineering. NC Pools is required to build per structural engineering of pool rebar. Increased depth also increases the rebar needed to add to the vessel. Also the increased depth requires more material such as shotcrete, plaster and labor. Each additional foot of depth, past the base depth, is $2,000 per foot.

Swim Out Benches:

These pool design constructions offer an entrance and exit to the pool for swimmers, although swim out benches are not wide enough for lounge chairs like sun shelves and beach entries. The convenience of a swim out bench is that it does not take up the surface area that pool steps require, yet you are able to enter the pool comfortably, as opposed to jumping in. You will find that the swim out bench is often the area of the pool where you most spend time restfully sitting in the water. It is also a visually enriching pool design feature. NC Pools highly recommends this feature in the deep end of pools. This is $750 per bench seat with the following dimensions: 3-4’ length, 18-20” seat, 16-20” below water level.

Additional Steps and Benches:

NC Pools base price includes 3 gunite steps in one corner of the pool. The top step is 2’, second step is 3’ and the third step is 4’. If an owner requests larger and/or longer steps, the additional cost is $100 per linear foot. Cost includes top and front of steps.

Additional Sun Shelves:

If you are building a pool for you and your family to enjoy, we highly recommend a sun shelf in the design. A sun shelf can be featured from an oversized top step or second step, or a completely independent addition to the size of the pool. The sun shelve is the spot for little ones to play, or for you to set up your lounge chair. We often install an umbrella stand in the floor of the shelf. This allows for an umbrella to be placed in the owners desired location on the shelf. We often suggest installing GLO Bright bubbler fountain on the shelf’s outer ledge. This is always fun day or night. Lighting effects combined with the soothing sounds of water cascades makes for a beautiful backyard experience.

This special feature requires NC Pools to bend engineered rebar to shelf dimensions. This is time consuming and increases material and labor cost.

Salt Chlorination Systems:

Why does NC Pools suggest and provide salt water (saline) pool chlorination? This method of pool sanitization is quickly becoming the most popular nationwide. Many people will tell you that salt chlorinated pools simply feel better on the skin – the water is softer and less toxic because a saline pool system produces much less chlorine; and it does so using a salt chlorine generator as opposed to adding harsh chemicals directly to the water.

Salt pools do not cause the eye irritation and stinging that typical chlorine pools are known for. In general, salt pools require less manual labor and are usually clearer. Swim suits, accessories and toys do not fade and break down as quickly. Also, blonde hair does not turn green as it has a tendency to do with traditional chlorine pools. Best of all, salt chlorination systems cost much less to run!!!

Believe it or not, it only takes one teaspoon of salt per gallon of water to sanitize your entire pool. Salt does not wear out or evaporate, so it is constantly renewing itself. Salt generated chlorine is evenly distributed throughout a pool and spa the most efficient way possible. Salt chlorination systems are ideal for all types of pools up to 40,000 gallons.

How does it work? Can you taste the salt? NO…you cannot taste the salt, and the water doesn’t smell like traditional chlorine pools. It works with a custom designed salt cell. It uses an extremely low voltage electrical charge emitted as the water flows through the salt cell and turns the salt into fresh sanitizing chlorine. The return jets in the pool or spa then distribute the perfectly sanitized water through out.

NC Pools salt systems also connect with a sensor that automatically adjusts the balance so you don’t have to. Pool automation means more time with your family and friends and less time maintaining your pool and spa. Contact NC Pools about building a salt chlorinated pool.

Enjoy the benefits of this environmentally friendly and cost effective way to keep your pool clean and clear.

UV and Ozone

Look up Trident 2


Pool Equipment:

NC Pools plumbers have over 30 years of experience so the company is very careful to provide pool equipment installations that are only of the highest level of competence.

As it is evident in this gallery, all the pipes are straight and joints are at 90 degrees, ensuring proper function of pool equipment. You could say the plumbing of a pool is its core, and the most important part of its construction. We at NC Pools believe the equipment pad should be easy and ergonomic to ensure proper use.

Fire Pits:





1.  Today’s pools offer great value:   Families who purchase pools today find ways to free up time to enjoy them.

2.  Today’s easy-care electronics:   Today’s pools are extremely easy to maintain. Many come with advanced electronics and remote control features that simplify operating procedures. Homeowners now have more time to enjoy their pools and spend less time looking after them.

3.  The endless vacation:   owning a NC Pool is like being on a permanent vacation. It is always a great day and tomorrow will be a great day too. The entire family will think they have moved to paradise.

4.  Your own private lagoon:   Listen, you can almost hear the call of wild birds. (caw, caw) The enchanted jungle awaits you and a partner to experience the soothing pleasure of this therapeutic lagoon. The water cascades into a crystal clear pool that especially inviting….this need not be a dream!

5.  Aquatics are in:   A great number of books and magazines tell about the superior benefits of aquatics versus other types of exercise. With a pool in your backyard, you can enjoy what many call the perfect exercise for the entire body.

6.  Be the talk of the town:   Owning a NC pool is a very visible purchase and will give all your neighbors something special to talk about. It demonstrates the importance of having fun and having family values.

7.  Let the family know you care:   There are gifts….and there are gifts. Nothing quite compares to a NC pool, no matter what shape or size. Best of all, a NC pool says something special to the ones you love. It is an opportunity to get closer together, and with a NC design, it works remarkably well.

8.  The kids are only young once:   Just ask the parent who has sent their child off to college wondering, “where did the time go?” If there was ever a perfect reason to purchase an NC pool today, its children.

9.  Encourage togetherness:   Like a magnet, a NC pool and especially the NC spa, encourage the family to come together. Some call it bonding, others simply call it love—the kind that keeps families close.

10.  Kids learn to swim sooner:   Most children naturally love water – just wait till they learn to swim! What better healthier environment is there, than a place they can go to be themselves—the fish of the family.

11.  Learning to snorkel:   Sure…it is great to snorkel in the tropics, but not everyone has the opportunity to go there. The NC family pool is a great family alternative. Children believe they are swimming with sharks off the Great Barrier Reef. Thankfully, they are at home, just outside the window.

12.  Express your creativity:   Custom shapes don’t necessarily cost more when you are building an in-ground concrete pool. Natural Creations can create any shape you desire, from a lagoon pool to a simply play pool. Pricing is normally a result of pool depth and linear perimeter footage, plus options…..NC will help you express yourself.

13.  Create a tropical paradise:   From waterfalls to black bottom lagoons, today’s pool buyers are adding the “natural” look to their backyards. Often they blend nature’s perfect effects into newly created pool settings, establishing an enhanced woodland forest or a tropical paradise right at home.

14.  An indoor oasis:   Homes that have indoor pools have a grandeur all of their own. Owners often create exceptional spaces reminiscent of grottos, gardens and greenhouses. Indoor pools also become year-round playgrounds for families – a beautiful oasis that can give nourishment to the weary….365 days a year!

15.  The theme park you own:   With so many games, float, slides and toys available, it is no wonder why the backyard pool has been dubbed a theme park. What is especially nice, it is always open, and you never have to wait in line. Fun happens here on a continuous basis!

16.  An NC pool feels right…day and night:   In the morning air a walk in the garden, especially by the pool, gives a certain satisfaction. It just feels right. That special feeling also happens in the evening, under the moon, or in the light of day. It is quieter here, more natural, and far away from the pace of everyday life. It is ok to linger and take in all the beauty that surrounds you.

17.  A NC pool is the aesthetic centerpiece of the backyard:   Those who own a NC swimming pool know its aesthetic value. They understand how its placement and its purpose often become the center of attention. Swimming pools are beautiful and jewel-like: they attract, they reflect, and more often than not they inspire. All that adorns the garden is enhanced when it is next to a Natural Creations pool.

18.  A reason for the grandchildren to visit:   Grandparents rejoice: there is a way to keep grandchildren coming back. You guessed it….it is a backyard or indoor pool of your very own. A pool is a very compelling reason to get the youngsters to visit frequently.

19.  Build self-confidence:   Teaching children to swim builds their self-confidence and helps prepare them for life.

20.  Sports are more fun in a pool:   Everyone enjoys games in the pool—basketball, volleyball, Marco Polo. Pool games are more fun because all family members can join in…not just those who excel in sports.


NC Pools provides renovation and modernization services. Our experts know how to make your pool, patio and deck as safe and attractive as when they were new – even if we weren’t the original builder.


NC Pools provides high value and materials to our customers. Our customers have found NC Pools pricing to be extremely competitive and understand the sweetness of a low doesn’t last as long of the bitterness of quality. With the time and money that is invested into adding a swimming pool to a back yard, you want the right swimming pool design and builder to do the job properly, professional and with high quality materials and workmanship. Often times new clients seeking pool prices are not aware of many options in selecting your poolscape materials, such as “coping”—coping is the term used to identify the stone or concrete material used to cap the pool shell wall. Options available are poured in place concrete, precast concrete material, tile, natural stone, brick and artificial rock. All of these types of coping finishes determine the linear foot cost of a pool. It is very important to select the proper coping for the weather conditions the pool setting will endure. Traditional pools have five options most often used.

Here are the five types of in-ground pool coping:

  • Brick coping
  • Paver coping
  • Travertine/natural stone coping
  • Cantilevered concrete coping
  • Artificial rock.

Brick pool coping

  • The average cost of brick coping is $30 – $35 per linear foot.
  • ?
  • ?

Paver pool coping

  • The average cost of paver coping is $25 – $30 per linear foot. The primary difference between brick and paver coping is the type of edge the product has facing the pool. Brick coping has a bullnose or rounded edge and a paver coping has a factory edge similar to regular pavers. These terms can vary according to region.
  • ?

Travertine/natural stone pool coping

  • The average cost of travertine/natural coping is $45 – $65 per linear foot.
  • The materials chosen determine the coping cost.
  • Milled stone (blue stone) patterns.
  • Milled travertine coping – pavers.
  • Dry set sand/wet set = cost.

Cantilevered concrete pool coping

The average cost of cantilevered concrete coping is
NC has written extensively about cantilevered concrete coping.
Your pool coping and patio will make or break the entire look of the project.
NC Pools doesn’t care how many “pool decks” a concrete finisher has poured, because all that matters is the number of cantilevered concrete decks around an in-ground pool has the contractor poured.

Do not allow your pool’s cantilevered coping to be a contractor’s guinea pig. There are very few concrete finishers or cement finishers that are versed in preparing the cantilever forms on a pool coping detail. There are several techniques to forming the cantilever forms.

  • Cantilever concrete forms around an in-ground swimming pool require the installation of special forms that are made of Styrofoam. These forms are temporarily attached to the 6” water line tile with two strips of double sided tape. This allows the contractor to pour the cement into the “selected” Styrofoam coping detail. There are several bullnose looks that your swimming pool designer should show you so you select the look that best fits your project. Be sure to ask your pool contractor what are your choices of coping nose detail. They should be able to show you a selection of “Stagmyer” pool nose coping forms to sect from for concrete coping.
  • Be aware that most pool companies only install the water line tile and then pass the coping and patio cement project to the owner to find cement finishers.
    Often times the pool contractors will give you the phone number of their preferred patio contractor that has worked on past pools. Ask your pool contractor, “who forms the pool coping, and what are the options to select from?” Pool coping is not a typical application for cement contractors to form correctly. This is why it is important to know who and what coping is being installed by a pool builder with cantilever skills!
  • Pricing on poured in place coping can vary depending on the nose details and also the finish of the exposed top and nose. Some are exposed aggregate finish, stamped stone and acid etched “sand” finish, and often times the coping will be jointed in 16”-24” rectangle sizes. That is also a detail you should discuss with your designer. For example, should you make bigger rectangles that will make the pool less busy or smaller details — All will play large factors in what your pool patio behind the coping will complement each other.
  • The cost per linear foot to form concrete coping is $25-$35 plus the cost of the cement and line pump to pour forms, which is normally $2,000 to $2,500.


The cost of waterline tile is $30 – $35 per linear foot depending on your grout selections.

Pros and cons:

  • Tradition waterline tile adds whimsy to your pool and spa.
  • Ceramic tiles distinct geometric designs, when grouped together in a 6” x6” format, create the look of a solid line, a wave, mosaic patterns and can even create patterns in a variety of colors.
    Ceramic pool tiles are installed and grouted along the waterline. They are designed to withstand chemical treatment in pools and spas. NC encourages clients to go to www.npttilegroup.com and look at options available.
  • Glass tiles: Because of the high price tag, many swimming pool builders remain reluctant to even suggest glass tile as a possibility because of its uneven brittle properties. Pacific Northwest weather conditions are not conducive for an outside pool and spa with glass tile. Indoor applications are not subject to freeze and thaw changes. Most glass tile are mosaic pool tiles and are smaller in size and thus need a lot of grout to hold them in place, creating the even finish from glass to grout line. Often the grout is attacked by the pool chemicals and begins to break down and eventually fail, as the mosaic tiles fall out so does the grout by pool chemicals. (??) The more grout joints, the more damage can and will occur. NC Pools suggests 6” space tiles –thus using the least amount of grout to secure the tiles in place.