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Pool Renovations and Remodeling Concepts

While a well-built pool is meant to last for years, and sometimes even decades, it is inevitable that at some point your swimming pool will need some extra attention. Weather it is a minor re-coping, a swimming pool remodel (slides, jump formation, fountains and many other pool specific features) or a complete backyard renovation (fire pits and fire places, pool-side bars, BBQ areas, and so much more) it takes a qualified and experienced staff of craftsmen to get the job done – Natural Creations Pools has over 25 years of award –winning design and construction.

What many people do not realize is a pool renovation is often times more a challenging project than creating new pool from scratch. A pool renovation creates many challenges, from limited existing parameters of the pool and surrounding to a swimming pool being built poorly in the first place (where more money must be spent in creating a sound vessel before any remodeling can take place).  Natural Creations Pools has seen it all and are confident in our trouble shooting abilities. Our well-rounded design and build team are ready to turn your tired looking pool into something you have always dreamed.

We understand that the pool industry is forever advancing, gaining new technologies, chemical free options, LED lighting, smart phone app controllers, and more creative materials every year. In order to keep up with the changing times and maintain a swimming pool that features the most safe and cost-effective designs, as well as the most entertainment value for you your family and guests, a pool renovation will most often include the following options:

Simple Pool Remodeling Ideas and Inspiration

There are simple and cost effective ways to enhance the entertainment value of your existing pool; from upgrading to a new Quartz Pebble Plaster (resists staining and lasts longer, as well as more comfortable to walk on) to adding a diving rock for excitement, or an in-pool beach tanning shelf, with built-in umbrella stanchions and 12” of water depth for relaxation – and to watch the kids sliding down their new “slide rock formation” (which NC Pools custom designed for your home).

Even something as simple as changing your pool lighting to 5-color LED can add an exciting night time element. NC Pools’ design team will work closely with you on your pool remodel and our construction team will always be professional and first-rate when bringing your existing pool to its highest functionality and enjoyment.

Custom Spa

The most popular pool renovation is a custom spa and Natural Creations Pools specializes in designing and building custom spas. An NC Pools spa design not only adds an amazing visual impact, but its numerous health benefits, year after year, will prove to be the most impactful. Spas provide relaxation and help relieve stress and anxieties with its swirling hot waters. Your joints and muscles will thank you, but the peace of mind that you will gain from having a place to relax so deeply – in your own backyard -will be your greatest reward. Today’s spas, with advanced controls and temperature settings, let you chose how and when you want to filter and heat your spa, control the pressure of your jets and control your lighting – different lighting are schemes available. NC Pools always uses and suggests professional Pentair products, and we provide the most up to date technology, equipment and material available for your custom spa – giving you the best in dependability, visual impact, and spa enjoyment for years to come.