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Pre-Cast Products

Our pre-cast product line is comprehensive and been through many years of refinements. Our products are featured in hundreds of stores and nurseries around the US.

We create every pre-cast piece so its unique characteristics compliment your home and garden. We hand build and pour every Natural Creations original using the highest quality most durable materials available. With our process each piece has its own individual nuances.

The composition is glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). These materials are chosen for durability in withstanding the outdoor elements and they also quickly acquire their own natural patinas, making your art piece even more unique over time.

Our artisans on staff have developed techniques for creating naturalistic rock finishes and various copper patinas. This, combined with our specialized crackled antique finish allow us to achieve our signature stained and painted surfaces. Our finishes won’t fade with time, but age gracefully with the elements of their surroundings.