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Pool Permit Process

The permitting process is the homeowner’s most over-looked “time-eater” (and expense) of purchasing a backyard swimming pool. The process is similar in most counties and can take anywhere from 8 to 16 weeks – if your property has a septic tank this can add 1 month to the process and at least $600.00 to you permitting fees. The county must physically come to your property and locate the septic tank (then go back and input the data – and so on and so on) – it is an arduous and agonizing process. There are a few ways NC Pools can make your permit process less stressful, one is to begin construction on the features of your pool that do not require permitting – like slides, fire pits and outdoor areas.


A rule of thumb; If you want to swim by summer we recommend you start your permit process in the fall – most permits are good for 2 years, so getting them early will only have positive consequences.

If you are uncertain if your property can legally accept a swimming pool, you may want to go through a $350.00 “site feasibility” process – instead of finding out later that your permit process fees are non-refundable, even if your property is deemed unfit for a swimming pool. The permit fees begin at $1,500.00 and can increase due to county regulations – so, this is a good idea if you are unsure of your county’s (or homeowner association’s) regulations.

Natural Creations has been in the custom pool business a long time and we have seen enough permit problems to know that the permit process is best left to people who deal with local government construction agencies: the professional.

Natural Creations has teamed with The Abbott Co. for many years. The Abbott Co. is a professional permitting consultant and does all the facilitating and paperwork for our permits for the state of WA.  All payments for NC Pools customer’s permits will be made directly to the Abbott Co from the customer; this will ensure the permit process will begin ASAP and all permit monies will be directed timely and properly.

Natural Creations will facilitate transactions between owner and the Abbott Co, and also at that time, NC Pools will invoice for a 20% deposit on the design and contract we have agreed upon. Natural Creations uses this money to hold your place in our schedule, and to purchase equipment and materials to be used on your project.

The permit process, though long and arduous, doesn’t have to be time wasted. If we get the ball rolling soon enough we can spend more time and energy on the design and construction phase of your project, let’s get started.