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We will go anywhere to design and build
your custom swimming pool

Natural Creations Pools has designed and constructed custom swimming pools throughout the western United States, Hawaii and Mexico, we also have worked as consultant on designs and techniques in many other countries, as well – so, although we call the Great Northwest our home, we are more than happy to travel anywhere on earth to build a Natural Creations Pools custom swimming pool (or other custom project) for the discerning customer.

All projects outside a 35 mile radius of NC Pools’ Renton, WA address are subject to a burden rate for travel time – also per Diem and housing costs (if needed), and other costs that would pertain to each individual project on an “if needed” basis. Natural Creations Pools has the staff and expertise to be your world-wide custom swimming pool and artificial rock structure designer and builder.


NC Pools will also act as consultant to your pool project. We will work closely with your local pool company (outside of our local competition area) to facilitate designs, permits and engineered plans. NC Pools creates a ½” = 1’ scale clay model of every project we design and build. This allows us to be more accurate in material and labor costs, construction parameters and giving us, or another builder, an on-site reference for accurate design re-creation.

NC Pools can also send a smaller “Texture Team” to apply its exclusive “weathered stone” texture and stain over an already built swimming pool or spa vessel (or other structure). We can do all the work ourselves or we will train any pool builder or cement finishing company, which is outside our local competitive region, in the techniques of artificial rock creation and texture, as well as the more complicated final detail of carving the strata and stress reliefs of the rock-work.  NC Pools’ artisans are masters at artificial rock creation, texturing and carving, as well as staining and painting.

Our name may say “Pools” but we design and build any concrete structure that is made to resemble natural rock formations. From swimming pools, zoo exhibits and 30′ tall mountains to retaining walls, outdoor areas and stamped patios; Natural Creations Pools has been far and wide building our custom projects. Visit our site at www.ncinc.com!