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Natural Creations Pools’ Other Artistic Concrete Application

NC Pools’ history begins with artistic concrete applications. With over 25 years of creating concrete structures and other artistic concrete applications, NC Pools has the staff and expertise to design and construct anything your imagination can dream up.

Be it our museum-quality craftsmanship, our “natural” zoo exhibits and enclosures, our one-of-kind climbing structures, structural retaining walls, or a small backyard “tree-snag” swing; Natural Creations Pools designs and builds with longevity and safety first. All of our structures are engineered with a steel re-bar infrastructure and will withstand many years of harsh weather and use.

Indoor Fireplaces

NC Pools has always enjoyed seeing people’s faces after they walk up on one of our finished fireplaces that way design and build. We can build around the existing firebox in many finish options. We offer the carved rock formation look or our “puzzle stone” finish. We often apply our shotcrete over existing brick or wall surface. NC Pools has been “cladding” cement products on all interior surfaces to accept our artistic intent. We offer timber wood – cement that is textured to look like a wood mantle – sizes and shapes to be determined. We offer large boulder hearth fireside seating.

Most people have seen every fireplace material – brick, stone, wood but when they see a Natural Creations fireplace they will leave your home talking about a fireplace that was so unique and within a budget of most local stucco or rock prices in town. So, dare to be different!

See how NC Pools can build a fireplace that is a real statement of form to function.

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Interior Bathroom – Shower Enclosures

Bathrooms are an NC Pools favorite to design and construct. We have completed many unique bathrooms, steam rooms and shower stalls. We have even created bathrooms “live” at the Seattle Home Show – so we love bathrooms!

Bathroom showers textured in our “weathered stone” formation look, will make your bathroom a unique shower experience. We often install fossils, fool’s gold and many different crystals in and around the rock walls. NC Pools creates shelf locations in the carved rock walls for shower accessories, as well as soap dish locations and other “cubby holes”. We create areas that accept artificial foliage creating an organic look with your steamy experience. Everybody has seen the latest tile, glass, bathrooms and showers, but how often do you leave talking about the bathroom? An NC Pools bathroom will be the talk of your guests.

Note: NC Pools can remodel existing tubs and showers as well as work with your contractor for new home builders. The materials and designs are limited to our imaginations.

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1’ – 4’ tall Decorative Shotcrete Walls

At NC Pools we have been forming and building decorative retaining walls for over 25 years. NC Pools is a shotcrete specialty company uses several cost saving techniques offered in “air-placed” shotcrete applications. In typical wall forming a carpenter has to form both sides of the wall. This requires more excavation, materials and labor. In a shotcrete forming we can “shoot” cement into a 1-sided form. In the examples below, you can see the advantages we have in shooting against a flexible form, or shooting against a dirt bank as the form. We can do straight walls, various curved walls, and with the cost savings we can create a much more creative form-to-function wall.

Costs: $55 – $65 sq. ft. + excavation, grading and prep (tbd)

Note: NC Pools has a $5000 minimum. If under our minimum, we charge $4500 a day for crew and tools, while owner provides all materials.

We offer hidden low-voltage LED lights to enhance your outdoor walkways and steps. See examples.

NC Pools, prior to cement, will install the incandescent 7w 12v round metal “deck step” light. NC Pools installs the light fixtures then textures over them, so the fixture is virtually invisible, hidden within our rock texture.

4’ – 8’ tall Structural Engineered Shotcrete Wall

At NC Pools we have designed and built many engineered shotcrete walls. In most building cases it is necessary to involve a civil engineer to ensure your wall meets county codes; in most cases the taller the wall the larger the footing. So anticipate more excavation, forming and cement to fill the larger footing. Each wall location will require a soil condition test, local codes and engineered plans must be submitted for approval by the county building department.

It all sounds difficult to coordinate. At NC Pools we are professionals at designing and building retaining walls and understand how to facilitate the permitting process on all the work we perform.

At NC Pools we offer so many types of shotcrete walls needed by homeowners and contractors. We can stabilize hillsides, create multi-tiered retaining walls, as well as the steps and stairs to be incorporated into the design. It is all about form and function with our designers at NC Pools – we offer many textures such as carved rock, “puzzle stone” wood and so much more!

A specialty of NC Pools is adding planters and irrigation into your retaining walls, creating a “living” wall that retains the hillside yet allows for an organic look.

We create structural shotcrete walls that are unique in appearance. If you need retaining walls in your backyard – we can help! We use laser level technology and do the math for your exact locations. Then, we locate where steps and stairs need to be incorporated. We look at every backyard different than most contractors – we do not use “manufactured-block” mentality.

We see form and function, foremost, then cosmetics and textures that make our engineered designs creative and unique – compared to typical retaining wall.

Cost: $65 – $75 per sq. ft. + footing (TBD)

Note: does not include excavation or site prep – this is on a per project and location basis. Our $5000 minimum still applies.